Timothy grass

Commonly found in Europe, timothy grass is a type of perennial grass that grows abundantly these days with the exception of countries in the Mediterranean. Growing up to at least 150 cm tall with its leaves averaging about 45 cm long and 1 cm in width with its flowerhead appearing to be at least 10mm broad and 15 cm long, Timothy grass is often confused with the Meadow Foxtail and even the Purple-Stem Cat’s tail.

Timothy grass is quite easy to recognize especially with its green bayonets that are quite stiff and rigid that shoots from the ground surrounded with heads that are filled with cylindrical shaped flowers. Timothy grass is quite commonly considered to be a field grass since it is typically found along waysides and even in the fields. When the sunlight touches these spikelets, they appear to be gemlike plants especially due to the dew drops that reflect the light from the sun.

Image of Timothy grass

Planting timothy grass seed shouldn’t be too much of a problem since you can apply the same rules as with any other plants and that is clear the area where you want to have this type of grass growing from weed, debris and the like. Prepping the ground with fertilizer is worth doing especially to help timothy grass to grow better. There is no need to regularly maintain this plant especially when it can manage to live on its own.

Although there are times when leaf smut affects the growth of Timothy grass which usually causes it to deteriorate especially when the brown spores appear, this grass can still come back with a bang. Timothy grass can be referred to as June grass as well since it usually appears to thrive during this month. However, it may cause allergies on some people especially when its pollen flits around the air during this season. Timothy grass allergy is usually characterized by excessive sneezing, colds and fever at times.

There are lots of homeowners and gardeners alike that harness the beauty of this grass right into their very own lawn or landscape. Although it is quite common to be found along the side of the road such as in the fields, you can incorporate this grass easily enough since there are seeds that you can buy.

You can get your hands on the seeds of timothy grass easily especially when there are plenty of horticulturists available not only around your neighborhood but online as well. It is best that you review first how timothy grass works and what the proper care for this grass is and the like. For sure, you will be enjoying viewing strategically placed timothy grass in your own backyard once it has taken root.

Turning your lawn into one of the best there is shouldn’t be too much of a burden on your part especially when you can incorporate timothy grass to your selection of plants these days. A little bit of wild life can provide that much oomph to your garden that you and your family will surely love.